Kickstarter Spotlight-New York 1776 War Game

New York 1776 by Worthington Publishing

New York 1776 by Worthington Publishing

     Because one can never really ever have too many wargames, I’ve just jumped on as a backer of Worthington Publishing’s New York 1776 Kickstarter project.  The game simulates one of the key campaigns of the American Revolutionary War. It’s one I’m not very knowledgeable about, so I’m excited to tear the shrink wrap off of this one.

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Podcast of the Month: Hex Encounter


     What’s going on my people?  If you’re a wargamer (I’m kinda in that mode these days), listen up, because I’m back with a podcast you need to add to your bookmarks or iTunes playlist.  I’m talking about the Hex Encounter wargame podcast.

     Currently up to thirteen episodes, H.E. has been around for a little while.  However, I think they recently changed hosts/updated their website, so the publish dates listed aren’t necessarily accurate.  However long they’ve been doing it, they’re doing it well.

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Growing a Grognard–The Seed Has Sprouted

I need to get those counters clipped, but this is a real page turner.

I need to get those counters clipped, but this is a real page turner.   

Grog • nard  (noun)  1. An old soldier 2. Someone who enjoys playing board wargames, particularly the counter-heavy strategy games from the 1970’s & 80’s. 

     I’ve probably mentioned before how my son has embraced the gaming hobby full force.  He’s all about military stuff and thus, war games are right up his alley. He’s been tearing up the iTunes App Store looking for strategy games for his iPod Touch.  I honestly think I could break out Advanced Squad Leader and he’d be, “OK Dad, infantry and armor is great, but when do we get to the Off Board Artillery rules?”

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Nerd Cave News: 5-12-2013

Austin Powers

     What’s up Nerds of Planet Earth?  Because you requested it…NO, because you DEMANDED it, I’m back with what’s happening in the It Came From The Nerd Cave corner of the world.

Kickstarter Update

     My first foray into the world of Kickstarter has so far been a success.  Lincoln’s War by Multi-Man Publishing was fully funded and even managed to reach the first stretch goal.  I got an e-mail from MMP today letting me know that I’d be getting a survey soon wherein I get to specify my preferences on the premiums for my funding level.  In particular, I get to pick whether or not I want my Lincoln’s War Tee-Shirt to be the Abraham Lincoln version or the Jefferson Davis version.

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Welcome to Kickstarter–Lincoln’s War

Lincoln's War by Multi-Man Publishing

Lincoln’s War by Multi-Man Publishing

     I’ve mentioned that I’m something of a “late-adopter” when it comes to new technology.  Often, my worldview can be summed up by the saying, “I fear change.” But sooner or later, when I can’t ignore the chatter about something, I’ll go check it out.

     Such is the case with Kickstarter. If you’re not familiar with the website, it’s basically a site set up to allow “crowd funding” of a huge variety of creative projects. It’s pretty simple–you find a project that appeals to you, then you pledge a certain amount of money. The more you pledge, the more you get. IF the project meets the minimum funding requirement set by the creator(s). There’s also something called “stretch goals” which is bonus swag and/or content if a project get’s funded beyond the original goal.

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App of the Month: BoardGameGeek


     I’m a bit of what’s known as a “late adopter.”  That fact surprises even me.  I’d think I’d be all over new tech, but until recently, my motto (at least one of them), “I fear change,” kept me from messing around with newfangled stuff like iPhone apps. Until, that is, I stumbled upon some great ones like BoardGameGeek’s iPhone app.

     As you know, I’m a collector.  I like to keep track of my vast empire of stuff.  Until now, I’d always done so by using a list compiled on MS Word.  The problem with that is, you have to make sure you keep up with it, updating it religiously. You forget to do it a couple times and now your inventory’s useless.  Well, for the game collector (or just the player with a bunch of titles), BoardGameGeek’s got you covered.

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A Positive Games Workshop Story


     You know, I realized that some recent cracks on Game Workshop could lead one to believe I have an ax to grind with them.  And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: lower those prices!  Just like “if you build it, they will come,” I sincerely believe an across the board price decrease would go a long way to create some good will with hobbyists and gamers who love GW products.

     But that being said, I thought I’d relate a story from a few years ago that demonstrates GW does have a heart.

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Dusthammer 40K?

     There’s a line from the movie Time Bandits that my wife loves to hear me say…”I’ve got an idea forming in my head.”  It usually means we’re about to do something cool.  Well, I think I’m about to try something cool.

     I may have mentioned that I sit at a desk all day at work.  Radio reception in our 100 year old building isn’t great so I tend to listen to podcasts all day.  One day last week, I was tuned in to a recent episode (#102) of The D6 Generation, a gaming podcast.  The guys had Romeo Filip of 40K Radio as a guest and gave a detailed review of the game Dust Warfare from Fantasy Flight Games.

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