Podcast Playlist


Welcome to my podcast* playlist nerds!  Eight hours a day in my windowless crypt of an office with bad radio reception has inspired me to amass a triple-digit list of podcasts. I track em down so you don’t have to…


The Nerdherders
Two True Freaks (Internet radio show covering all of nerdworld!!!)
Chronic Insomnia Podcast (Explicit, but often hilarious-definitely NSFW)
Nerd Pride Radio
Jack of All Nerds Podcast
Nerd of Mouth Podcast
The Broke Nerdcast


Comic Geek Speak
Comics Podcast Network (clearinghouse for comic-related podcasts–updated daily)
Secret Identity Podcast (General comics and nerd-culture conversations)
Where Monsters Dwell
Fatman on Batman (Kevin Smith)
Comic Timing Podcast
Views From The Longbox
The Daily Rios


The 2 Half-Squads–Advanced Squad Leader Podcast
Advance After Combat (A Podcast About Wargames and Wargaming)
I’ve Been Diced! (A Podcast and Blog about Boardgames)
Dead Games Society (Dedicated to out of print games and games editions)
Guns, Dice, Butter (A series of conversations with members of the wargaming tribe)
Wargaming Recon
Three Moves Ahead (A podcast about strategy and wargames)
Roll For Initiative (The original 1st Edition AD&D podcast)
Save or Die! (A classic Dungeons & Dragons podcast)
The D6 Generation (Conversation about miniature war games, board games, etc.)
The Long View (Critical analysis of the games we play)
World’s End Radio (The complete podcast for tabletop miniature gaming hobbyists)
RPG Circus
WWPD (Flames of War podcast)
40K Radio (General podcast about Warhammer 40K and the Games Workshop hobby)
Hex and Soldiers Wargame Podcast (YouTube channel)
Not Just Another Gaming Podcast
Gamerstable Podcast (RPGs and the people who play them)
Paper Money Podcast (podfaded but archives worth a listen)
Fear The Boot RPG Podcast
Miskatonic University Podcast (Call of Cthulhu RPG and all things Lovecraft)
Postcards From The Dungeon (Creativity & Storytelling in Tabletop RPGs)
Dice Hate Me
The Adventuring Party
Drive Thru Reviews (Board game reviews and Gen Con coverage)
Boardgames To Go
Gameopolis Podcast
1 Player Podcast (Solitaire wargames with reviews and discussion)
The Game Pit (Board games, card games, and tabletop gaming)
Meeples & Miniatures
Game Design Roundtable
Blasphemous Tomes (Call of Cthulhu & other horror RPGs)
The Tome Show (D&D New, Reviews, Interviews & Advice)
Tabletop Minions (YouTube Channel)
THACO (Save vs. Awesome)
All Games Considered
Beasts of War (YouTube channel)
Happy Jacks RPG Podcast (Pursuing the RPG hobby with reckless abandon and beer)
THACO’s Hammer  (2nd Edition AD&D)
Miniwargaming (YouTube channel)
Serious Games At Work (Change the rules of work, politics, and everything else)
AG Productions (YouTube channel–miniature painting, etc.)


Horror, Etc. (Discussion of all things horror & more)
MonsterTalk (Examining the science behind cryptozoological & legendary creatures)


Blurry Photos Podcast (Learn something weird)


BadGrendels (YouTube channel)
HotHobbyTips (You Tube channel–miniatures)


Scavenger Life
eBay Radio


Blasphemous Tomes (Call of Cthulhu & other horror RPGs)
Miskatonic University Podcast (Call of Cthulhu RPG and all things Lovecraft)
The Lovecraft Geek Podcast by Robert M. Price


How Did This Get Made?
Red Letter Media


Middle-Earth Minutes
The Tolkien Professor
Riddles in the Dark


Blogging Your Passion
Beyond the To Do List (Personal productivity perspectives)
BUDS131 (Don Shipley’s Phony Navy SEAL of the Week YouTube channel)


*ItCameFromTheNerdCave takes no responsibility for emotional trauma you may experience by hearing an F-bomb or some other such flowery language on any of the above listed podcasts. Proceed accordingly.