Nerd Cave News: 5-12-2013

Austin Powers

     What’s up Nerds of Planet Earth?  Because you requested it…NO, because you DEMANDED it, I’m back with what’s happening in the It Came From The Nerd Cave corner of the world.

Kickstarter Update

     My first foray into the world of Kickstarter has so far been a success.  Lincoln’s War by Multi-Man Publishing was fully funded and even managed to reach the first stretch goal.  I got an e-mail from MMP today letting me know that I’d be getting a survey soon wherein I get to specify my preferences on the premiums for my funding level.  In particular, I get to pick whether or not I want my Lincoln’s War Tee-Shirt to be the Abraham Lincoln version or the Jefferson Davis version.

     Since all my ancestor’s got here after the Civil War and I was born in California, I don’t exactly have a dog in the fight.  The game is called “Lincoln’s War,”  On the other hand, I do get the first Monday in June off work every year for Jefferson Davis’ birthday. It’s always one of those, “Um, okay” types of holidays.  If you can’t beat em, join em, I guess. Decisions, decisions…I’ll probably get the Lincoln version and wear it around the house. No sense risking a run-in with some Lost Cause type at the local Taco Bell.

Tom Cruise-A-Palooza Movie Weekend

     Watched two movies this weekend. Both starred Tom Cruise as a character named “Jack,” and both earn a hearty “Meh” rating from It Came From The Nerd Cave.

     First up last night was Jack Reacher on Amazon on-demand video.  How was it? Allow me to digress.  Back in college, I was a religious watcher of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Out of the dozens & dozens of episodes I’ve seen, there’s one line that has stuck with me for 20 years. I forget the details, but some insanely unlikely plot twist had just occurred and Tom Servo cuts loose with a high-pitched scream of “IT’S SO IMPLAUSIBLE!”

     That kinda sums up Jack Reacher for me. As you know, I don’t do synopses. You can get that stuff elsewhere. I’m just giving you my “is it worth your two hours or not?” Jack Reacher is full of those “IT’S SO IMPLAUSIBLE!” type moments as well as the requisite load of red herrings. For me, it’s one of those movies you see once then move on with your life. Not a lot of re-viewing value in my opinion.  If it comes on HBO, give it a watch, but don’t bother with the Blu-Ray.

     Second up was Oblivion.  As you likely know, today was Mother’s Day. My kids and me got my lovely wife perhaps the most awesome Mother’s Day gift of all time–a Margaritaville Margarita Maker. Oh yeah moms, It Came From The Nerd Cave knows what’s up.

     Anyway, my wife worked this morning and came home with the request of “Let’s do something with the kids but not spend a lot of money.”  A quick check of my Fandango app showed slim pickings at the theater except for Oblivion.  It wasn’t on my “must see” list, but when Mom wants to get out of the house, Dad delivers. So, after a tasty lunch of fried catfish & fixins, a stop at the local gas station for some candy that doesn’t require 90 Days, Same as Cash financing, we headed to the cinema.

     Unlike Jack Reacher, the plot of Oblivion is actually quite plausible, in an “oh crap, I could see that actually happening” kinda way.  I enjoyed the movie but it had a touch of that “it’s a long walk for a short drink of water” vibe that I find in more than a few flicks these days. It’s not one of those “two hours of my life I’ll never get back” movies (Highlander II: The Quickening–I’m looking at you), so all in all, it’s worth a watch, but I’d probably wait for it to show up on HBO or Cinemax.

From The “What Was I Thinking?” File

Comic Book Collection--BEFORE

Comic Book Collection–BEFORE

     I think I mentioned back in 2012 that I need to get my comic book collection organized. At the time, I at least had the boxes in a semblance of order in the closet behind my T.V. in the cave. Since I turned that closet into my Mega-Entertainment-Center-Alcove a few months back, I had to obviously get rid of the comic boxes. Instead of a well-thought-out solution to that problem, I “stuck” them in one of our two master bedroom closets. It was kinda neat (as in “orderly”) at the time but as you can see from the picture above…now, not so much.

     In an effort to get that fat monkey off my back, I’ve started the official process of cataloging and organizing my comics. I’d like to hope I’ll have it done in a few weeks, but with yard work, blogging, Summer vacation and such, I’m pretty sure I’ll be raking leaves before I get done.  I actually thought  about hiring my niece, a sophomore in college and her boyfriend to help me.  The thought of alphabetizing all those comics (and the associated getting up and done) makes my middle-aged arthritic knees say, “Nope.”

Little Nerd Update

     One of the pre-trailer features showing on today’s movie screen was a preview of Season 3 of TNT’s Falling Skies series. My daughter, she of the pink room, turned to me and whispered, “Dad…that looks really good. Can we watch it?”  So, less iCarly and more alien  invaders?  Oh yes, my plan is coming together.

      Well fellow nerds, that’s about it for me. Until next time…stay nerdy my friends.

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