Podcast of the Month: Hex Encounter


     What’s going on my people?  If you’re a wargamer (I’m kinda in that mode these days), listen up, because I’m back with a podcast you need to add to your bookmarks or iTunes playlist.  I’m talking about the Hex Encounter wargame podcast.

     Currently up to thirteen episodes, H.E. has been around for a little while.  However, I think they recently changed hosts/updated their website, so the publish dates listed aren’t necessarily accurate.  However long they’ve been doing it, they’re doing it well.

     As you know, I spend the workday in my windowless tomb of an office listening to podcasts covering comics, movies, scale modeling, and gaming, just to name a few of my nerdy interests. Some shows that shall remain nameless are tough to get through, but H.E. isn’t one of them.  Just like my boys over at The Nerdherders Podcast, these guys’ love of the topic, in this case hex & counter wargames, really comes across.  Their conversations sound like the ones you have with your buddies around the game table.

     Episodes are about an hour to 90 minutes long, and I never feel like they’re reaching for topics to discuss.  Besides general conversation on what they’ve been playing and gaming industry news, the H.E. guys offer up nicely done reviews and some really good interviews with game designers & industry insiders.

     So, if your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon involves little square pieces of cardboard and maps covered in a hex grid, check out Hex Encounter. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Until next time…Stay nerdy my friends.

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