Very Pinteresting…

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      Typically late to the party, I only recently got on Pinterest. I guess I was in the camp of folks that thought it was an app meant mainly for the ladies…baby shower ideas, wedding stuff, mom tips, etc. Well, after a couple weeks with it, I can emphatically say that it might be the greatest thing to happen to nerds since Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson decided to print up some little booklets.   Well, maybe that’s not a good comparison but work with me

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Weird Science! 5th Grade Plant Cell Project

Behold my mitochondria!

Is it art or is it a science project? You be the judge…

     I was informed last Friday that my daughter had an impending due date on a project for her 5th Grade Science class. The assignment was to produce a 3-D representation of either a plant or animal cell using just about any medium the student wanted.

     According to my daughter, the majority of her classmates were either going to go with something edible (pasta, cake, etc.) or the old standy-by: a Styrofoam ball. I was tasked with heading to the local Hobby Lobby Saturday morning to procure supplies.  I ended up with an idea that may be unique in the history of cell model science projects!

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World of Nerdcraft–HULK GLAZE!!!



     What up nerds of Earth?  I took some time off last week and had a “stay-cation” with my kids during the last week of their Summer before the start of school. While I failed miserably at my one goal of NOT taking any naps, I did get some nerdy stuff done and thought I’d share some of it with my seven loyal readers.

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My Nerd Cave–Bursting At The Seams


I should get some Spandex! These clothing bills aren’t exactly tax deductable.

     Seven organisms reside in our home.  Four humans and three felines.  And we all knew this day was coming. The day when my personal Nerd Cave would outgrow its own four walls and leak into the rest of the house.  As Dan Patrick might opine, “you can’t stop it…you can only hope to contain it!”  But while I’m quoting folks, remember what Bill Clinton said…”It depends on what your definition of ‘contain’ is.”

     It’s a problem that probably faces every nerd collector/hoarder type out there sooner or later.  You’ve been given/allowed/granted a specific amount of space for your crap–a basement, an attic, or, as in my case, a spare bedroom.  Four walls in which your various hobbies, loves, and interests must be contained.  There aren’t too many significant others out there who are enthusiastic about a Star Wars-themed kitchen.  But what does one do when you’ve simply run out of room?

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That’s No Moon–That’s a Death Star Painted On An Old Album!


Death Star Spray Paint  Stencil Art by Rebecca Gallaher aka "beckosaurus" on Etsy

Death Star Spray Paint Stencil Art by Rebecca Gallaher aka “beckosaurus” on Etsy

      The walls of my Nerd Cave are what my wife often calls “busy.” I may be a little dense, but I don’t think she means it as a compliment. But however you want to describe my art collection, it’s all done by design.  I love the crowded look.  I don’t necessarily design the room for other people, but I do enjoy watching folks walk in for the first time and not quite know what they should look at first. Or second…Some people end up looking like a kitten watching a laser dot bounce around.

     One of the things I’ve tried to do in choosing art is to look for things that fall outside the realm of traditional rectangular, framed art. I want different.  I like oddly shaped pieces, 3-D art, and such.

     Recently, while lying around contemplating my life, I typed “Death Star” into the Etsy search box and stumbled upon Rebecca Gallaher’s Death Star art stenciled/spray-painted onto an old vinyl LP.  My Spidey sense went off with that “I gotta have it” vibe so in the cart it went. You know the rest.  My almost fully operational battle station arrived last week and I love it…

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A Battle of Wills in the Nerd Cave

"You promised you'd keep it classy."

“You promised you’d keep it classy.”

     Anytime you find yourself telling your spouse, “You’re not the boss of me,” you’ve gotta figure things aren’t going well.  But those words actually exited my mouth last night and I thought I’d relate the story for your consideration. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Collection Intervention? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo


What do you mean a closet is meant for clothing?

What do you mean a closet is supposed to hold clothing?

     A few weeks ago, I was channel surfing and stumbled upon a new series on SyFy called Collection Intervention. What’s this? A room with wall-to-wall comic book boxes? Interest grabbed.

     So I DVR’d the series and recently sat down to watch a mini-marathon.  If you’re the stereotypical nerd collector-type, you’ll likely see a bit (or a lot) of yourself in the “hapless” souls featured on the show. And when I say “hapless,” I mean, “WOW, I wish I had that stuff!”

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Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards on Kickstarter? It’s Elementary…

The Sherlock Holmes Playing Card Deck (Baker Street Edition) by Jackson Robinson

The Sherlock Holmes Playing Card Deck (Baker Street Edition) by Jackson Robinson

     Your man here is a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan.  Back in 1989, my then-girlfriend got me The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for a birthday present and I was hooked. Of course, when I say, “got,” I later learned that she most likely shoplifted it. Turns out, when your girlfriend asks you to pick her up from her community service, it may not be for a speeding ticket even if that’s what she claims. Yeah, that shoulda probably been a red flag. But I digress.

     As a long-time fan of the world’s most famous detective, I was pretty excited to get an e-mail last week from Jackson Robinson announcing his new Kickstarter project–a Holmes-inspired playing card deck.

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