World of Nerdcraft–HULK GLAZE!!!



     What up nerds of Earth?  I took some time off last week and had a “stay-cation” with my kids during the last week of their Summer before the start of school. While I failed miserably at my one goal of NOT taking any naps, I did get some nerdy stuff done and thought I’d share some of it with my seven loyal readers.

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Summertime Blues?

head scratcher

What exactly am I doing here?

     What’s up folks?  Your Nerdy Overlord is back from a dry spell.  Haven’t been anywhere–Just doin my thang and apparently my “thang” hasn’t involved blogging. I didn’t bother to look but I think I go through this every summer…I just kind of lose interest in this little project of mine.  Maybe it’s the Alabama heat (which admittedly hasn’t been that bad this year what with the polar vortex and all), the yardwork, or the kids being around more. Who knows?

     I mentioned to my wife that I might just drop the whole thing completely–cancelled due to lack of interest. And while she predictably suggested that I not, she didn’t seem all that bent out of shape at the prospect.  And here I thought she was wildly interested in my Kickstarter comings and goings.

     But then I remember that this thing can be pretty fun, so I think I’ll keep plugging along.  To get the juices flowing, how about some random musings?

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