Thrift Store Pick of the Week–Free Money

My kind of bookmarks...

My kind of bookmarks…

     So, the It Came From The Nerd Cave family was out doing some pickin’ and a thriftin’ yesterday morning.  Stopped by a local thrift store and made a bee-line to the book section.  As part of my efforts to expand my knowledge base (shout out to my brother-in-law for teaching me that phrase), I’ve been keeping an eye out for books on collectibles, antiques, and misc. stuff–price guides and such.  And while I’m not a coin collector and don’t plan to become one, I noticed a 1984 Coin Values book and picked it up.

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You Won’t Turn Loose The Good Stuff…You Just Sell The Junk.


Give it up Pekar. You can't take it with you...GIVE IT UP!

Give it up Pekar. You can’t take it with you…GIVE IT UP!

     The title of this post is a line from the film American Splendor. Main man Harvey Pekar is a record collector and sells a few albums on the side. This was pre-Craigslist & eBay days so he mainly hits the flea markets and swap meets or trades with his collector buddies.  He has an exchange with crotchety co-worker Mr. Boats in which he’s accused of holding back the primo albums from his collection and only selling the crap that nobody wants.

     Well, duh Mr. Boats. Any collector worth his salt doesn’t easily part with the gems of his collection…that’s the point of collecting! And therein lies my dilemma. And yes, as you might have noticed if you’re a regular reader…I have a lot of dilemmas in my life. Apparently they’re my thang.

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Selling Stuff on eBay–The Sweet, Sweet Sound of “Cha-Ching.”

Woman holding money

Five dolla bills ya’ll

     What’s up Nerd Nation?  Back from a month away from Le Blog with an update from Operation Get Off Your Butt.  While I haven’t been blogging, I have been a busy unit. The finishing touches are being put on the Nerd Bunker as we speak and I’m embarking on a new adventure in e-commerce.  If you’re interested in hearing about my journey from frequent (“wayyyy too frequent”–The Wife) eBay buyer to hopefully successful eBay seller, read on…

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Misc. Musings–September 2013


Buying My Comics Follow-Up

      Back in June, I wrote a post about how I was ending my twenty-four year relationship with Westfield Comics and switching to Discount Comic Book Service as the supplier of my new comics and related swag. Three months later, I’ve received my first two shipments from DCBS and thought I’d share some first impressions.

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What’s Going On In The Nerd Cave?


     Greetings to my loyal readers. Sitting here on the couch after another mind numbing day in my office dungeon with a tax audit sprinkled on for extra flavor. Oh, your house burned down? Yeah, if you could go ahead and prove it, that’d be great.  Anyway, heres a quick update of what’s been happening here in my corner of Nerd Nation.

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Tales From The eBay…Begone Foul Stench!

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

     As my loyal readers may recall, I recently posted a rant about some books I acquired off eBay that arrived with the unadvertised bonus of what I like to call “Dirty Ashtray Funk.”  I gotta say I was not happy with eBay seller (let’s call him) PeePee17. And I wasn’t real confidant that I’d ever be able to put those books on my shelves.

     But alas, I believe I’ve managed to remove about 90% of the stench.  I thought I’d share what I did in case any of you ever fall victim to PeePee17 or his ilk.

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Feel free to e-mail me with any questions…

Smell? What smell?

Smell? What smell?

     I received some good feedback (get it?) on my eBay rant last week.  Well lucky me, I’m back with another. But before I get fired up here, let me note that I learned, after penning that last post, that sellers on eBay apparently can’t leave negative feedback for us buyers. So I need not have feared retaliation had I dropped a zinger on Mr. “Like New (Except for the Crusty Layer of Stickiness & Hair) Superman Sign.” Makes sense I guess. You got my money. What are you gonna complain about?

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Bad eBay Seller…NO COOKIE!*

     Wow. Just wow.  Somewhere back in the last year’s posts, I think I promised a rant or two.  Well here it is…

(Editorial note:  Let me just say before I get rolling here, you’re gonna notice places where you’re gonna say, “Why didn’t he use profanity here?  That seems like a perfect place to use some good old American profanity.”  Believe me, I want to.  But I found out recently that my 9 year old pulls my blog up in computer lab to show her friends, so I gotta keep it more or less G rated.  But believe me…I would if I could.)

     Sellers of eBay. May I have your attention please?  Are you trying to kill me?  Because that’s what your doing.  Your absolutely KILLING me, Smalls.  Allow me to vent…in no particular order.

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