The New & Improved Nerd Lab

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     Awhile back, I wrote about the conversion of my outside storage room into a modelling workshop which I ended up dubbing “The Nerd Lab”–a name inspired by Dale Dobeck’s (Step Brothers) “Beats Laboratory.”  Well, it didn’t exactly work out.

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Listen To My Playlist—LISTEN TO IT!

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Page 1 of 5–Without these podcasts, I’d throw myself out the office window I don’t have.

     Listen up nerds. Kick back in the easy chair and strap on your Beats cause it’s podcastin’ time. As my seven loyal readers know, I’ve been pushing nerdcentric podcasts for awhile now (here & here, for example).

     It’s long past time to post an update with some new podcasts I’ve discovered. But then I realized these things eventually fall off the front page and get lost in the mix.  So in the interest of keeping things easily accessible, I’ve added a dedicated Podcast Playlist page (permanently available on the tool bar menu above) so you guys can check out what I’m listening to and hopefully find something new that’s right up your alley.

Summertime Blues?

head scratcher

What exactly am I doing here?

     What’s up folks?  Your Nerdy Overlord is back from a dry spell.  Haven’t been anywhere–Just doin my thang and apparently my “thang” hasn’t involved blogging. I didn’t bother to look but I think I go through this every summer…I just kind of lose interest in this little project of mine.  Maybe it’s the Alabama heat (which admittedly hasn’t been that bad this year what with the polar vortex and all), the yardwork, or the kids being around more. Who knows?

     I mentioned to my wife that I might just drop the whole thing completely–cancelled due to lack of interest. And while she predictably suggested that I not, she didn’t seem all that bent out of shape at the prospect.  And here I thought she was wildly interested in my Kickstarter comings and goings.

     But then I remember that this thing can be pretty fun, so I think I’ll keep plugging along.  To get the juices flowing, how about some random musings?

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Adventures in 21st Century Dentistry

dental exam

Dude…Do you even OWN dental floss?

     I didn’t take real good care of my teeth as a youngster. Remember the Cavity Creeps?  “WE MAKE HOLES IN TEETH!” That was my dental situation pretty early on. I was that idiot kid that would wet his toothbrush at night and yell, “SURE DID!,” if my parents asked if I’d brushed. That master plan didn’t pan out too well later on in life, especially when I added U.S. Army dentistry into the equation.  I shudder to even estimate the amount of money I’ve spent on keeping my piehole looking pretty and functioning as designed.

     So yeah, I have alot of porcelin and silver amalgam in my head. Even have a dental implant way, way in the back. It makes me feel a little bit Terminatorish if I’m being honest. The rest of my body…not so much.   Obviously, all this china in my head isn’t as durable as natural tooth. You should see my wife’s face anytime I crunch down on some hard candy or something.  Not a happy visage. I can almost feel a telekinetic wave of psychic energy screaming, “IDIOT!” eminating from her eyes.

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It Came From The Nerd Cave PSA–The Warning Labels on Ladders Are TOTALLY For Real

You put your right hand in...

You put your right hand in…

     What’s up nerds of Earth?  I know you’ve all been itching to see more of my skeleton and I aims to please. What we have above is my right hand–no breaks and/or fractures to be found.  Frankly, I’m wondering if I’m not a real-life version of Bruce Willis in Unbreakable because that hand should be jacked up.  Why? Because I’m pretty much an idiot for operating as if the law of gravity and OSHA safety regulations don’t apply to me.

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Like a Led Balloon

I got a whole lotta love for my Led Zeppelin inflatable blimp.

I got a whole lotta love for my Led Zeppelin inflatable blimp.

     I’d bet that every nerd out there has one or two “Holy Grail” items that he or she covets but the high price tag keeps the good ol’ “Buy It Now” button from being pushed. For me, one of those items has been the inflatable Led Zeppelin blimp you see hanging in my nerd cave above.

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Get Your M.O.D.O.K. On!!!

Every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man!

Every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man!

Tremble in terror as M.O.D.O.K. dispenses caffeinated goodness!!!
Tremble in terror as M.O.D.O.K. dispenses caffeinated goodness!!!

     Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing, or as you may know and love him…M.O.D.O.K.  Perhaps the most ridiculous (and constipated) looking villain in the history of comic books. Just don’t say that to his gigantic face.  If you’ve ever stood at the Old Navy t-shirt display and silently cursed the lack of M.O.D.O.K. apparel in a sea of Spidey, Superman, Batman, and Iron Man garments…BEHOLD the M.O.D.O.K. t-shirt!  Available this month for pre-order through the PREVIEWS catalog (at your friendly neighborhood comic shop) or through online sources like Westfield Comics (where I ordered mine).

     And once you adorn your torso with the mighty one’s menacing, mascaraed visage, why not drink coffee or tea from his humongous cranium?  The M.O.D.O.K. figural mug is available this month from the same sources and this Summer from comic retailers who will undoubtedly stock up on cases of these to meet the demand.  I’m not much of a coffee drinker, so I will probably use the evil M.O.D.O.K. to hold pens and pencils on the Nerd Cave workbench. Tremble at his awesomeness!

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M.O.D.O.K. Figural Mug

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Movie Recommendation: The Innkeepers

The Innkeepers (2011)

     I love horror movies. A passion that is unfortunately not shared by my wife. Which sucks a little because part of the fun of watching a scary flick is experiencing it with other people. But alas, it looks like I’m going to have to live with being scared by myself or wait for my son to hit 13 or so.

     For me, the thrill of watching a good horror film comes from becoming physically involved in the story.  I might get a thrill from watching Indiana Jones or The Avengers, but they’re not going to spike my blood pressure, raise my heart rate, or keep me from falling asleep. A truly scary film will stay with you for quite a long time.

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