The New & Improved Nerd Lab

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     Awhile back, I wrote about the conversion of my outside storage room into a modelling workshop which I ended up dubbing “The Nerd Lab”–a name inspired by Dale Dobeck’s (Step Brothers) “Beats Laboratory.”  Well, it didn’t exactly work out.

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Very Pinteresting…

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      Typically late to the party, I only recently got on Pinterest. I guess I was in the camp of folks that thought it was an app meant mainly for the ladies…baby shower ideas, wedding stuff, mom tips, etc. Well, after a couple weeks with it, I can emphatically say that it might be the greatest thing to happen to nerds since Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson decided to print up some little booklets.   Well, maybe that’s not a good comparison but work with me

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Collection Intervention? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo


What do you mean a closet is meant for clothing?

What do you mean a closet is supposed to hold clothing?

     A few weeks ago, I was channel surfing and stumbled upon a new series on SyFy called Collection Intervention. What’s this? A room with wall-to-wall comic book boxes? Interest grabbed.

     So I DVR’d the series and recently sat down to watch a mini-marathon.  If you’re the stereotypical nerd collector-type, you’ll likely see a bit (or a lot) of yourself in the “hapless” souls featured on the show. And when I say “hapless,” I mean, “WOW, I wish I had that stuff!”

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Misc. Musings–October 2013

Yes Dear. Of course I love to hear all about your hobby crap.

     What up Nerds? Just sitting here on the couch watching Bama stomp Arkansas like a flaming bag of dog poop on the front porch and pondering what’s up next for Operation Get Off Your Butt.  Thought I’d think out loud and offer a few tid-bits for my seven loyal readers.

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You Down With O.C.D? Yeah, You Know Me!

One of these things is not like the other...

One of these things is not like the other…

     What up nerds?  A big part of Operation Get Off Your Butt is about getting organized. That’s something I’m usually all over, but lately…not so much. Years ago, my uncle, referring to someone I’ve long forgotten, said, “He needs to get his fragmented <stuff> together.”  Except he didn’t say “stuff.”  That’s one of those sayings that has stayed with me over the years and I use it frequently. It describes exactly what I’m trying to accomplish in my own life.

     You’d think someone who lost everything in a house fire two years ago wouldn’t have had much opportunity to get out of control as far as organization goes. I mean, Dude…you started from scratch. How bad could it be?  Well, I figured out a way to do it, so I’m going to have to spend a good part of fall 2013 getting stuff in order. The good news is that I enjoy the work.

    One of the many mini-projects within that effort highlights my particular brand of nerdy O.C.D. And yes, I realize I’m probably reaching a bit here on the definition of Obessive Compulsive Disorder.  But the title was too good to pass up. Anyway, what am I talking about and what am I up to?

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The Nerd Bunker–Tidying Up The Kit Stash

The Kit Stash BEFORE

The Kit Stash BEFORE

     Last Saturday, I partially crossed off one item from my Nerd Bunker “To Do” list. After our fire, I recovered about 45 kits from the closet where I kept them.  All the ones on the top shelf were melted into slag and/or charred beyond recognition, but the ones stored lower survived. Except for the boxes that is. 95% of them suffered water & smoke damage.

     Since we moved in, I’ve been recycling boxes when I get stuff from eBay & Amazon and using them to store those kits. So far, I’ve gotten about 1/3 done but still have a bunch of crushed, warped, soot-covered kits on the shelf, as you can see above.

Operation GET OFF YOUR BUTT–The Nerd Bunker

     Well, Operation GOYB is up and rolling. My plan to quit planning (a contradiction, I know) and get to doing made some progress yesterday (to be detailed in a post tomorrow).  One of my bigger projects around here is converting our outside storage room (5 1/2′ x 11′) into the ultimate hobby workshop (within size & budget limitations). I shall call it…The Nerd Bunker.

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Model Kits on the Cheap @ Hobby Lobby

They made me a deal I couldn't refuse...

They made me a deal I couldn’t refuse…

     My lovely wife needed to run by Hobby Lobby for some craft supplies this morning. My son had a $20 bill burning a hole in his pocket and wanted to check out their selection of plastic toy soldiers to add to his already massive army of polystyrene warriors. The model kit aisle is only two away from the army men aisle but, having already been warned that our discretionary $$$ is kinda light for the week, I decided to avoid that particular part of the store.  I’m not world-renowned for my impulse control. Let’s just say I’m the reason they put a wall of candy in the check-out lane.

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