I Wish That I Had Jessie’s Chair…

Where can I find some seating like that?

Where can I find some seating like that?

     I have an admission to make.  Up until a week ago, I’d never been to a rock concert. It seems weird even to me.  I love music and I rock out in my car as much (or better) than the next guy.  But growing up, it wasn’t something my parents encouraged even as I heard my friends brag of seeing Bon Jovi, Judas Priest, Foreigner and other bands of the Eighties. Plus, being a sucka with no self-esteem, I’ve never been one of those “shake it in public” sorta dudes.  Wallflowers represent!

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Listen To My Playlist—LISTEN TO IT!

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Page 1 of 5–Without these podcasts, I’d throw myself out the office window I don’t have.

     Listen up nerds. Kick back in the easy chair and strap on your Beats cause it’s podcastin’ time. As my seven loyal readers know, I’ve been pushing nerdcentric podcasts for awhile now (here & here, for example).

     It’s long past time to post an update with some new podcasts I’ve discovered. But then I realized these things eventually fall off the front page and get lost in the mix.  So in the interest of keeping things easily accessible, I’ve added a dedicated Podcast Playlist page (permanently available on the tool bar menu above) so you guys can check out what I’m listening to and hopefully find something new that’s right up your alley.