I Got To Bag It Up…

zip lock bags

     Events recently inspired me to track down a good source for plastic zip lock bags.  If you’re a true, hardcore nerd, then the topic of plastic bags and their many uses fascinates you.  Just admit it.  It does.

1. On eBay, I managed to win several auctions for issues of Command and Strategy & Tactics Magazines, each with their associated hex & counter war games.  They arrived bundled together but I needed a way to store the individual magazines, maps and counter sheets.

2. You may recall my run in with eBay seller (let’s call him) PeePee17 and his ashtray scented AD&D supplements. Well, as I described a couple weeks ago, I did manage to get most of the stink out of them.  But, as they say, you can never really get rid of all the funk.  So I thought bags might help contain any residual stank from the books.

3. Then there’s the whole, “my house burned down” thing.  I don’t sit around waiting for it to happen again. But, it does cross my mind that “IF I’d have had <fill-in-the-blank> in a bag, I’d still have it today.” Most of my books were ruined by smoke/water damage, and not the flames.

     Now, I’m not looking to encase the contents of my shelves in plastic, but I would like to bag up my AD&D modules, ASL Journals, game supplements, war game magazines, etc. And I want to do that in something other than freezer bags that are more suited to storing chicken than gaming materials and other collectibles.

     It occurred to me that, in the past, when I’d ordered such items from Noble Knight Games (my absolute favorite retailer of new & out-of-print games & gaming-related items–in case you were wondering), they usually arrive in zip lock plastic bags.  But not the kind of bags you see in Wal-Mart or the grocery store.

     So, a quick little search on Amazon led me to 9″ x 12″ 4 mil thick Zip Lock Bags. I measured an AD&D supplement at about 8.5″ x 10″ and figured the 9″x12″ would allow for a little wiggle room.  The bags are sold in packs of 100 and retail (as of this writing)  for $16.09 (subject to change frequently). They also qualify for Amazon PRIME shipping (aka “the free two-day type”).  The bags are made of polyethylene. I don’t claim to be a plasticologist, so I’m not sure it that is good or bad. It’s not Mylar, so I presume some archivist out there will be screaming “NO YOU FOOL!” but for my purposes, they work.  Can’t do any worse than not being bagged and open to the air. Or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      My bags arrived today and as I hoped, they work well. I will say that an S&T or Command magazine WITH multiple counter sheets, rules and a map is a snug fit.  But if you’re careful, everything fits fine.  If you want more wiggle room, just go up one size.  I plan to use labeled magazine files to hold the bagged modules/supplements, so all in all, it should be a good system.  Booklets, magazines, counter sheets, maps, and ashtray funk all tucked in and cozy.  Until next time…Stay nerdy my friends.

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9″ x 12″ 4 Mil Clear Zip Lock Bags, Pack of 100
Noble Knight Games

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