Podcasts For Nerds 2–Electric Boogaloo


     Six months ago, I posted about some of the podcasts I listen to at work in my tomb-like windowless office. Since then, I’ve spotlighted some of my favorites as Podcasts of the Month.  But in my neverending quest to spread the nerd gospel, I thought I might just go ahead and post the playlist from my office computer.

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Comic Books…Comic Books Everywhere

"C" is for "cat." If I fitz, I sitz.

“C” is for “cat.” If I fitz, I sitz.

     Hey there nerds of the world. Busy Summer here in my neck of the woods. I’ve been spending a lot more time than I’d like working on my lawn…And I use the word “lawn” loosely. I knew I had to do something when “mowing the lawn” became “mowing the dirt.”  I look like PigPen from Peanuts out there, engulfed by a huge, swirling cloud of dust. Kinda embarrassing when the neighbors drive by. But besides that, I’ve been diligently working on getting a big ol’ monkey off my back.

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