Bro…Do You Even Digital?







     What it is nerds? I’m back with a conundrum rolled up in some angst then wrapped inside a First World problem. This is a relatively new (for me) issue, so I thought I’d jump on here and do some out-loud thinking and maybe get some feedback from my seven loyal readers.

     Here’s the deal:  New Movie X is coming out on DVD/Blu-Ray on Tuesday.  Should I spring for the Blu-Ray or buy it on Amazon as a digital download that gets added to my Amazon “Video Library?”  As usual, there seem to be some pros and cons…

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It’s an “Alcove”

There's so much more room for activities...

There’s so much more room for activities…

     A few months back, I was sorting through various categories of “stuff” (or “crap” if you listen to my wife).  I had the hide-a-bed pulled out since it makes for more comfy movie viewing at night.  Between that and the T.V. cart, there was hardly room to move around.  Then, I needed something out of the closet. You may recall way back when I said moving the T.V. cart out of the way was easy? Well, not so much. And I certainly wasn’t going to be moving it anywhere with piles of comics, magazines, and other stuff in the way.  I had a log jam.

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     Welcome to the first installment of It Came From the Nerd Cave.   If Seinfeld was the “show about nothing,” then this will be the “blog about a whole bunch.”  If it falls into the realm of nerd culture, then I’m likely heavily into it, have dabbled in it at some point, or have it sitting in my shopping cart ready to be dabbled in.  I’m new to blogging but I’ve been living the nerd dream since the early 1980s when I discovered comics, Frank Frazetta, Dungeons & Dragons, and a ton of other really cool stuff.

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