World of Nerdcraft: My 21st Century Steamer Trunk

Open the Luggage Bay door Hal...

Open the Luggage Bay door Hal…

     Here’s a project I’ve been working on for about three months now.  Back when I first set up the Nerd Cave, I bought a large black, plastic storage bin to use as a coffee table/ottoman.  My plan was to spray paint it O.D. Green and add some stenciling to make it look like a cargo container off the U.S.S. Sulaco (from the film Aliens).  I may still do something like that down the road, but ended up scrapping the idea for now because the storage bin I chose was too tall.  It worked great as a coffee table, but as an ottoman, the height tended to hyper-extend my knees.  If there’s one thing my knees don’t need, it’s hyper-extension.  I couldn’t find another bin that fit what I needed so I back-burnered the whole thing.

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Paul On The Wall


     You know me…always on the lookout for something different and/or funky to hang on the wall.  And for some reason, I just love the Roswell alien look.  I’m not all Fox Mulder about it, but I do like them.

     I don’t think you can get too much more out there in terms of art for your wall than the “Roswell the Alien Plaque” from Design Toscano.  I’ve talked about D.T. before in my post about accessorizing your nerd cave. One of my favorite things in the cave is still Roswell, the Alien Butler, or as we named him, “Paul.”  So, it was only natural that our new acquisition was quickly dubbed “Paul on the Wall.”

Roswell the Alien plaque from Design Toscano

Roswell the Alien plaque from Design Toscano

     I hung him off to the left side of the sofa/hide-a-bed.  My mother-in-law recently spent a week with us and I think it was one of her favorite things in the cave. The night light just below adds the perfect amount of creepiness to the whole effect. Get one before they phone home.