Odds & Ends–February 2014


     What’s up nerds?  I’ve been scarce on here lately and thought I’d jump on with a few quick tidbits. I know that YOU, my seven loyal readers, have been on the edge of your seats awaiting the dropping of knowledge…

All I Need is a Mini-Fridge

     Just as there’s no “you-know-what” in the Champagne Room, there ain’t been no cable in the Nerd Cave room. Until now that is.  My wife, in a bid to cut our satellite TV bill, recently called Direct TV and cancelled all our movie channels. Which, by the way, sounded better on paper.

     In the course of the call, she was informed we were due for a DVR upgrade which meant I could move the old DVR from the living room to the Nerd Cave. Cable was run and now I have access to hours and hours of reality TV programming.  I didn’t realize what I was missing.  Now all I need is a mini-fridge and a hot plate and I’ll never have to leave the Cave.  FYI…there’s an attached bathroom so it’s not gonna get weird or anything.

Operation Get Off Your Butt

     Been awhile since I mentioned it, but it’s been progressing along well.  I’m about 95% done getting the Nerd Bunker in shape and nearly the same with my comic book room (aka the “His” half  of “His & Hers” walk-in-closets). Hopefully will be posting some spectactular “after” pics very soon.

     As soon as I can get my keister in there for a couple of hours (like tonite), I’ve got a neat little project to start working on.  Stay tuned as I think it will be pretty cool.

Tales From The eBay: Outbreak Edition

     I don’t know about you, but I’m just not happy if there’s not some eBay drama going on in my life. And the new year didn’t disappoint.

     On January 4th, I won two auctions for books from the old Iron Crown Enterprises Middle-Earth Role Playing game.  The Angmar and Gorgoroth books if you’re curious.  According to the pics & description, they’re near mint.  I believe the word “pristine” was used.  I don’t have anywhere near a complete collection of MERP stuff and given some of the prices now that they are “collectable,” I probably never will.  But I got these for a decent price and eagerly awaited their delivery.  Or not. Silly nerd.

     Turns out the seemingly nice little old lady from Pasadena who is selling the books has some health issues… Or does she?

     After she ignored several requests for a combined-shipping invoice, I went ahead and just paid in full. I was a bit tired of getting eBay’s automated, “Hey deadbeat…don’t forget to pay for your items” e-mails.  Of course the next day, she hits me to tell me she had sinusitis that turned into bronchitis…an apparent boogerpocalypse…but she’d ship the next day and refund me half the shipping I’d paid.  Cool.  Witch King of Angmar goodness was about to ensue all up in my mailbox.

     A few days later, no shipping notice. No refund of shipping.  I’ve got Richard.  so I e-mailed her again. Wasssuuuppppppp?  A few days later, she hits me back.  Her bronchitis had turned into pneumonia but she was home and doing better.  Shipping would commence the next day.  Panic attack averted.

     A week later…and I think you can see where this is going…still no “your item has shipped” flag was appearing on My eBay and of course no Paypal credit. So I fire off another e-mail…”Just checking to see where we’re at.”  Wanna guess?  Yup.  Her pneumonia had turned into double pneumonia. But she’d ship the books when she got out of the hospital.

     That’s been awhile ago and no word since.  Not sure what comes after x2 pneumonia.  Is there such a thing as Triple Pneumonia? Double Secret Pneumonia?  Either way, it’s been a month and I guess I have to file a complaint with eBay if I want my money back.  Should I feel bad? Maybe she’s already passed away and here I am worried about my little role-playing sourcebooks. But dang…I’m NEVER gonna find those books in NM condition for that price again.

Games Workshop Sales Tanking? I Didn’t See That Coming. At All. 

     I have a love / hate relationship with Games Workshop.  I generally love their products–the games, the models, the novels…all of it.  But beyond a few Black Library novels each month, I haven’t purchased a single GW product in about 2 years. And the reason is very simple–their prices.  They’re just way outta the range of what I can pay for little plastic dudes without throwing up in my mouth a little. And from the rumblings I hear on various podcasts, I’m not the only one.

     So it was no surprise to hear that GW’s profits took a 30% nosedive which caused a subsequent 24% plunge in their stock price. Ouch.

     And apparently, they’re making White Dwarf weekly now?  Oh great, now I get to not buy it 4 times a month instead of just once. It’s four…four…FOUR times the meh!


     Well, it was quick, it was easy, and maybe moderately interesting.  And it counts as a post so I have that going for me…which is nice. Until next time…stay nerdy my friends.


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