What’s Going On In The Nerd Cave?


     Greetings to my loyal readers. Sitting here on the couch after another mind numbing day in my office dungeon with a tax audit sprinkled on for extra flavor. Oh, your house burned down? Yeah, if you could go ahead and prove it, that’d be great.  Anyway, heres a quick update of what’s been happening here in my corner of Nerd Nation.


     I got my first shout-out (that I know of) on a podcast.  My boys over at the Two True Freaks podcast stumbled upon the capsule review of their show from my post back in January 2013.  They read and comment on it in Episode 331 of Two True Freaks (Their Iron Man 2 commentary show).  I recommend the show in its entirety but the part about It Came From The Nerd Cave starts around 4 1/2 minutes into the episode if you’re interested. Mucho gracias for the love guys.


Iron Man Mk. 1 by Jesse Kennedy

Iron Man Mk. 1 by Jesse Kennedy

     As long as I’ve got bare wall left, I’ll be looking for stuff to hang on a nail.  First up is another sculpture by Jesse Kennedy from his Etsy store Sculptorio. You may recall my post last month about Jesse’s Hellboy and Ivan sculpture. I was checking out his shop a couple weeks ago and came across his brand new sculpture of Iron Man (Mk. 1). He captured the likeness perfectly, even down to Tony Stark’s eyes behind the faceplate. AND IT FREAKING LIGHTS UP!  My man actually installed a working LED A.R.C. reactor in the chest plate. Works great and looks schweeeeeeet on the wall. Coolest night-light I’ve seen in awhile.

Fu Manchu humbly suggests that you honor his wishes...

Fu Manchu humbly suggests that you honor his wishes…

     Got this cool little poster print from 1965’s The Face of Fu Manchu off eBay for $10, shipping included. Here’s a link to the eBay store where I found it. It’s a print from an original poster so the fold lines show up on the copy.  It doesn’t really detract from the print for me.  Besides, you gotta love that caption: Obey Fu Manchu…or every living thing will die! Does it get any clearer than that?  Whether you are a fan of Fu or not (I am), you gotta admit it’s a persuasive argument.


     You may recall that the room now renowned worldwide from sea to shining sea as Le Nerd Cave was originally slated to be our guest room.  My wife was planning on rocking a Shabby Chic look in there and had already purchased a bed, headboard, and frilly bedding when she volunteered to give it up for little ol’ me.  Of course, we still use it as a guest room, which explains the sofa-sleeper.  But it sure isn’t your typical extra bedroom.

     So, imagine my surprise recently when my 9 year old daughter offered to let her visiting grandmother sleep in her room while she offered to crash in the cave.  Her room is about as girly as it gets so I assumed her grandmother would jump at the chance to relocate.  I was even more shocked when my mother-in-law immediately hit her back with “No thank-you, I’m good.”  So, not only does my son’s 7 year old best friend love the Nerd Cave, but my lovely 69 year old mother-in-law is digging it also.   Now that’s wide-ranging appeal.

      And P.S., I was sitting in there the other day when my daughter walked in to say hi. Out of nowhere, she says, “Y’know Dad, I wasn’t sure about this whole thing when you started, but I gotta say that I really love this room.”  She really must because I can’t get her out of here. She spends more time in here than in her own crib. And oh yeah, she recently picked (without any prodding from me at all)The Hobbit as her Accelerated Reading book for school.  Ahhhh…Learning the way she is.

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