Welcome to the first installment of It Came From the Nerd Cave.   If Seinfeld was the “show about nothing,” then this will be the “blog about a whole bunch.”  If it falls into the realm of nerd culture, then I’m likely heavily into it, have dabbled in it at some point, or have it sitting in my Amazon.com shopping cart ready to be dabbled in.  I’m new to blogging but I’ve been living the nerd dream since the early 1980s when I discovered comics, Frank Frazetta, Dungeons & Dragons, and a ton of other really cool stuff.

     I enjoy reading other peoples’ blogs about the hobbies and interests I love and finally decided to get off my butt and start my own.  If you think of yourself as a card-carrying nerd, there’s a good chance we have a few things in common.  Here’s a list, in no particular order, of some of the topics I’ll be delving into from the Cave:

Science Fiction (books, art, television, movies & comics)
Comics Books (Silver age to present but I loves me some Bronze Age books)
Horror (books, art, television, movies & comics)
Fantasy (ditto)
Movies (reviews and rants)
Podcasts & Blogs (suggestions & reviews)
Scale Modelling (Sci-Fi, armor & aircraft, reviews & news)
RPGs (Long live AD&D 1E!)
Wargaming (Squad Leader™, ASL™, Avalon Hill™, SPI™ and more)
Boardgaming (Axis & Allies™ and a bunch more)
Model Rocketry (Launching rockets with my 6 year old son)
Miniatures (Warhammer™, Warhammer 40K™, LOTR, and old-school gaming minis)
Unsolved Mysteries (If I’d won that Mega Millions lotto, I’d be buying Oak Island.)
Treasure Hunting (Going to the beach this Summer and taking a metal detector.)
Designing and Building Your Own Nerd Cave (Cool project ideas & tips)
Collecting on eBay & Amazon (pitfalls, advice, and tips)
Pets in the Nerd Cave (I really want a chameleon  named “Gygax.”)

     Are you wondering about the whole “Nerd Cave” thing?  To make a long story short, my family recently moved into a new home.  Originally, the fourth bedroom was going to be strictly a guest bedroom. That’s code for “wasted space 355 days a year”.  My wife was planning on going full out “girly” on it.  For reasons I’ll detail later, she offered to turn it over to me a few months ago so I could have my dream Man Cave…or at least my dream on a budget Man Cave. OK, maybe she really just wanted me out of her hair but I’m sure part of her wanted me to have my own corner of the house.

     For me, the term “Man Cave” has always conjured visions of ex-jocks sitting around drinking beer and watching football.  I enjoy watching football and drinking beer as much as the next guy…but I can do that in the Living Room.  What I needed was a place where I could amass all my stuff without looking like a reject from Hoarders: Buried Alive and just nerd out–read some comics, build a model, watch a flick, take a catnap, or all of the above.  So, I made a list of objectives, got to work, and as I write this, I’m putting the finishing touches on my brand new personal 17’x15′ Fortress of Solitude.  And it’s everything I hoped it would be.  Now if I can just get my wife and kids out of here for five minutes!  Seriously…they won’t leave.

      I’m looking forward to talking about all the cool things us nerds out there love. Check  back to see what I’m up to and share your thoughts & ideas.  If you’re into the same stuff as me, I think you’ll like what you find. Until next time…


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