Podcast of the Month: The Nerdherders


     A few months ago, I posted some short reviews about several podcasts I listen to regularly in my dungeon-like, windowless, government office. Recently, after catching a quick reference to these guys in one of them, I tracked down The Nerdherders Podcast.  I just finished getting caught up on all 29 published episodes this afternoon and The Nerdherders are now firmly on my Top Five List of “Must Listen” Podcasts.

     NHP is hosted by three guys, David, Ian, and Matt.  They’re about my age, which means they’ve got that 80’s geek cred (e.g. “Our D&D miniatures gave us lead poisoning…and we LIKED it!”).  We share very similar interests and sensibilities.  The podcast feels like you’re sitting around a game table just shooting the breeze with friends. Listening to these guys justs makes the workday go by a little quicker.  Which is a bonus because there are plenty of podcasts out there with the opposite effect.

     Each episode contains regular segments including “Roll Call” (what are the hosts up to hobby-wise?), “On The Radar” (what are they looking forward to?), and “Thunder Dome” (something like “Star Wars v. Star Trek…discuss amongst yourselves”).  They’ve recently added a Comic Book Corner segment.  The first one revolved around recent events with Peter Parker (aka Spider Man for you non-nerds). There was a subtle, “Uhh, what exactly are they doing over at Marvel?” vibe–I can totally relate. But don’t get me started…

     Finally, I have to send a huge thank-you to the Nerdherder crew for turning me onto Weird Al Yankovic’s White & Nerdy.  It’s their podcast theme song and I don’t know how it got past me when it came out.  But now I can’t stop singing/humming it.  My family loves you for that one…And if you like the official video, check out this version which is nothing but Al lip-syncing the song while Donny Osmond takes dancing to a whole new level of AWESOME in the background.

     If you’re into movies, games, comics, etc., do yourself a favor and add The Nerdherders Podcast to your bookmarks.

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