What’s With All the Questions?

“So…what got you…uh…back on eBay?”

     I got asked that question the other day at lunch.  The inquiry came from my lovely wife. We’ve had an eBay account together since about 2001.  Now that we both have iPhones, she can, shall we say, “check up” on me anytime/anywhere.

     One thing about little ol’ me in terms of my hobbies is that I love alot of different things and I tend to get on what some might call “a kick.”  In other words, I don’t really do a bunch of different things at one time.  I’m usually into one hobby or interest for awhile and once I’ve burned out a bit, I move on energetically to something else.

     Right now, my jones of choice is model building.  I haven’t actually applied cement to styrene yet as I’m still in what you might call the planning stage.

     As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m all about modelling a 1/32 P-47 Thunderbolt right now.  The P-47 is (and has been since 1982) my absolute favorite aircraft of all time by a longggg mile.   Ever since I read Thunderbolt! by Ace Robert S. Johnson and Martin Caidin, I’ve been in love with the Jug.

     I had a pretty extensive collection of P-47 related books and magazines back before my house went up in smoke. One of my favorite parts of modeling is the research I do before I ever cut the first part off the sprue. As I’ve mentioned, there isn’t much that one can’t replace on eBay or Amazon, so I’ve been doing some replacin’.

     Well, just as your credit card company might notice some unusual activity on your account and call you to check on it, my lovely wife, probably shopping for pants or shoes, took note of some recent P-47 related purchases on eBay and nailed me with a little nugget of passive agressiveness right upside my head.

     In all honesty, she didn’t bust my chops too bad. I know we need to save money as much as the next guy but man, that “Buy it Now” button do tempt a man.   However, it did get me thinking and I’ve decided to cool it in the acquisitions department and focus for awhile on organizing my empire.

     One thing I need to do is create an inventory of what I have book/magazine-wise.  I used to be able to look at a book or mag and tell you in 2 seconds whether I had it and where it was.  The fire sorta short-circuited that for me.  I now have “I had it” and “I have it.” And often, the two get crossed up.

     One thing I’ve noticed in listening to podcasts and reading blogs is that I’m not alone in having less hobby time in the Summer.  For me, Fall starts on September 1st (even though here in Alabama, the weather and me aren’t on the same sheet of music), and my goal is to have ALL my household projects done by then as well as my nerd empire organized and ready for a good 7 or 8 months of hardcore activity.

     And did I mention that I happened to notice that they now make “Almost Ready to Fly” P-47 radio-controlled model planes?  As Smeagol might say, “I wants ittttt...”

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