More Fun With LEDs


Set your phasers to “FUNKY!”

     Last week I told you guys about my failed experiment to back-light the TV in my nerd cave. Well, the quest for funkadelic lighting never ends. So back to the drawing board (aka where I turned up the (take a breath): Aurora Master Multicolor Ocean Wave Light Projector.

     The item description doesn’t give too much detail but the name is rather self-explanatory.  I thought to myself, “Self, I wonder what that would look like if I stuck it behind the TV.”  A click on “add-to-cart” and two days later (Thanks, Amazon Prime), my shiny new projector arrived on my doorstep.

Marvel at the professional photography skills I clearly possess.

Marvel at the professional photography skills I clearly possess.

     This little gizmo is about the size of my favorite cereal bowl. It apparently also functions as a speaker (little audio cable included) but I haven’t bothered to try that feature out. I came here for the lights.

     I plugged it in and set it behind my TV.  My only real complaint is that the power cord seems pretty short. I had to use an extension cord even though my power strip is only 2 feet away.  I ended up having to raise the projector up to get the effect I was wanting (I used an old wire CD rack to accomplish that). The nature of the unit means the wave patterns are only projected in one direction (45 degrees worth or so).  But as you can hopefully tell from my first photo, the effect is still pretty, pretty, pretty cool.

     There’s a button on the unit that lets you cycle between red, blue, or green lights or, as I like to set it, multi-color. Also, there’s an auto-off function so it won’t run all night if you doze off watching Netflix.  All in all, a neat little addition to my collection of funky lights.  I wonder what’s next? Until next time…stay nerdy my friends.

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Aurora Master LED Ocean Wave Projector

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