Mo Kitties, Mo Better

Could you say no?

Could you say no?

     So, the family was out yesterday to run some errands. After a nice little lunch at the Shrimp Basket, my daughter said, “Hey Daddy, can we go by Pet Supplies Plus to see if they have any kittens?”  The local store sometimes has humane society adoptions on Saturdays.  Not that I was looking to adopt a kitten.  I’d been wanting to stop by anyway to look at small fish tanks.  I’ve been thinking about putting a terrarium in my nerd cave. “Why not,” I thought.

     As we walked up to the store, what do you know?  A little old lady sat right next to the entrance with a sign reading, “Free Kittens.”  She’d started with four and was down to the last one, a long-haired gray tabby female.  Of course, I’m in “what harm can come from looking” mode.  Even when my daughter started hitting me with the “Pleaseeeee Daddy” treatment. My son couldn’t care less.  He just wants a lizard.

     We already have two great cats.  They’re sisters who we’ve had since they were 10 weeks old. I’ve joked with my wife for the last year about getting a third cat.  I enjoy getting her riled up on the subject.  But she’s always been quick to lay the kibosh down.

     Well, I don’t know exactly what happened this time, but 10 minutes later, I was standing there with a kitten while my wife and kids shopped for a litter box, food bowl, and kitten chow.  I never did get to look at those terrariums.

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