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Aviation History      Magazine

Aviation History Magazine

     I’ve mentioned before that I love me some magazines. I’m always happy to get home from another mind-numbing day in my windowless office to find the mailbox stuffed with new reading material.  Walked in yesterday to find the July 2013 issue of Aviation History Magazine (not pictured above) waiting on the counter for me.

     I probably haven’t talked about it enough, but besides my love for all things normally considered “nerdy,” I’m also a BIG history buff.  The first “grown-up” book I ever read was Thunderbolt! by P-47 ace Robert S. Johnson and Martin Caidin.  I was in 6th Grade and fell absolutely in love with World War II history and especially the air war.  My next three books were P-38: Fork-Tailed Devil by Martin Caidin, Baa Baa Black Sheep by Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, and Black Thursday by Martin Caidin.  I decided then that I wanted to be a fighter pilot.  Until, that is, I tried on Greg Crawford’s glasses and found out I had 20/100 vision.  Time for a new career path.

     But even if my dreams of dog fighting in the sky were, shall we say, “shot down,” I’ve never lost my love for military aircraft and pretty much everything associated with them. And no other magazine out there scratches that itch better than Aviation History, published bi-monthly by the Weider History Group.

     I had actually passed on AH a few times, thinking it focused only on topics like the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, and such.  Interesting topics to be sure, just not my thing.  Then I actually picked one up.  If you’re interested in aerial combat, war planes, or the precursors to the space program, then Aviation History might be right up your alley.

Some highlights from the latest issue (July 2013) include:

The Dambusters” by Nicholas O’Dell–chronicles the RAF’s mission to destroy the German dams in the Ruhr River Valley.
The Luftwaffe’s Wooden Wonder” by Mark Carlson–The story of the jet-powered Heinkel He-162.
Giving the Machine Gun Wings” by Gavin Mortimer–Ever wonder how WW I planes always managed to shoot through their propellers?  Apparently, they didn’t.

      Each issue also includes regular columns and news regarding touching all aspects of historic aviation as well as a nice little review section covering books, video, and software (games/simulators). They even tuck in a little section for modelers…usually related to the highlighted aircraft of a given issue.

     So, if you’re like me and love aviation history, it’s kinda a no-brainer to give Aviation History a test flight.  Until next time…stay nerdy my friends.

It Came From The Nerd Cave recommends:

Thunderbolt!by Col. Robert S. Johnson & Martin Caidin
Fork-Tailed Devil: The P-38by Martin Caidin
Baa Baa Black Sheepby Gregory “Pappy” Boyington
Black Thursday: The Story Of The Schweinfurt Raidby Martin Caidin


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