After Action Review–Iron Man 3

iron_man_3 poster

     Well, another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone, and I’m happy to report that a great time was had by the It Came From The Nerd Cave family. Following a visit to our friendly neighborhood comic book shop, we headed to the theater for a 3-D showing of Iron Man 3.  And we weren’t the only ones, as the theater was about 90% full.

     For me, the movie gets a solid “A”.  Of the three Iron Man flicks, it’s probably my least favorite but that’s not a dig since I really, really liked the first two.  If you appreciate Tony Stark’s sarcastic wit, and tons of action, Iron Man 3 delivers big along with a couple jaw-dropping twists.

     I  won’t bore you with a plot synopsis you can get somewhere else, and I certainly don’t want to drop any spoilers on you.   I will observe that for a superhero named Iron Man, his armor seems to be pretty fragile.  There are scenes in this movie where Tony Stark goes through more suits of armor than my nine year old daughter goes through outfits getting ready for school. If you thought Ivan Vanko tore Tony a new one on the racetrack in Iron Man 2, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m not saying Tony Stark should be invulnerable while suited up, but he may want to spend less time romancing Pepper Potts and a bit more beefing up the next Mark of his iconic armor.  Some heat-proofing would be a BIG plus.

     So, I definitely recommend you get yourself to the theater and check out Iron Man 3.  It remains to be seen if there’ll be an Iron Man 4 or if we might just have to get our Iron fix in the next few Avengers movies.  If it is the end of a franchise, I don’t think any of us can complain.  Until next time, stay nerdy my friends.

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