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Fallout Shelter

     What’s up nerds?  In my quest to eventually be crowned the “Martha Stewart of Nerd Cave Decor,” I thought I’d put up a quick post showcasing a recent addition to the wall in my personal A.O. (“Area of Operations”).

      As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m a massive fan of the Fallout video-game series. Surprisingly, there’s not a whole lot of licensed Fallout art/gear out there. But instead of shrugging and moving on, I cogitated on how I could add a touch of post-nuclear apocalyptic flair to my nerd cave.

   I got the Fallout Shelter Sign from Amazon.  It’s extremely high quality, being constructed of thick metal, unlike many flimsy signs I’ve run across.  It’s distressed to look like it came right out of the atomic wasteland.  It also sits flat against the wall.  I’ve had signs before that tend to flex & bow, looking funny when hung up.  Not a problem with this sign.

     The sign looks pretty cool by itself, but as is my tendency, I like to add my own little touches to things.  While shopping for stickers for my 21st Century steamer trunk, I came across a guy selling Nuka Cola stickers on Etsy.  Ordered one and slapped it on the sign, adding a little color and an inside joke for anybody familiar with the Fallout franchise. BTW, the decal is really nice quality.

      My second addition to the sign is something I picked up a few months ago just because it was cool.  I stumbled across the Vault Boy on eBay from a seller named AteBitHero.  The little guy is made out of Perler beads, which I had never seen before I got him in the mail.  Nice quality and a steal at five bucks.  Again, just a cool little touch.  Vault Boy lives!

Until next time, stay nerdy my friends…

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Fallout Shelter Sign

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