BAM! Etsy, Me, and the Nerd Cave

Bam! by WoodWearbyAndrea

Bam! by WoodWearbyAndrea

     I discovered Etsy a couple weeks ago.  And I liked it so much, I bought the company. Well, not really.  But I have made some great buys already and machinations to start my own Etsy store are underway as you read this.

     So what is Etsy?  Well, I’d describe it as eBay without the attitude and drama. Everything is a set price. There are no auctions, so there’s no angst, no sniping, and no second guessing.  You want it? You buy it.  Simple.  I love simple.

     OK, so what can you get on Etsy?  What can’t you get?  If you are looking for handmade crafts, jewelry, furniture, etc., this is the place to go.   As for the “vintage” part of the equation, items for sale on Etsy have got to be 20 or more years old. So no K-cups, X-Box games or the like. But there are old boardgames, records, books, etc. to be had and in my short time browsing the site, I’ve noticed they’re often available for a better deal than what you might find on eBay.

Adam West couldn’t have said it better himself.

     One of my first purchases was the very cool, comic-inspired “BAM!” wall plaque shown in the above photo.  If you know me, you know I’m always on the lookout for unique or at least “different” art for the Nerd Cave’s walls. The BAM! plaque obviously fits that criteria and really appealed to my love of comic books.  The plaque is available from the Etsy shop WoodWear by Andrea.  It’s made of precision-cut wood and is painted in extremely vibrant colors.  I picked up the plaque for a very reasonable $25 +$5.00 shipping.  Andrea packed it really well, and it arrived in perfect shape.  I’m looking forward to picking up ZAP! or POW! (or both) for Max’s room in the near future.

     If you’re looking for something different and absolutely cool for your own cave, check out Andrea’s Etsy store. And while you’re there, check out what Etsy has to offer. Just make sure you have the ol’ PayPal password handy…