It’s Hard Out There For a Blogger

     Hey there. Long time no blog. It’s been a busy Summer and for various reasons, I just decided to back burner my blogging in favor of some other projects (aka chores around the house). But with Fall quickly approaching, my ducks are rapidly getting in a row and I’m ready to get back to work.

     As a warm-up exercise, here are some quick hits…

The Amazing Spider-Man (3.5 out of 4 stars)

     Caught The Amazing Spider-Man while on the family vacation in Destin, Florida.  We all really enjoyed it.  My only nit-picks are the portrayal of Gwen Stacy as a high-school student who happens to be Dr. Curt Connors’ assistant.  I don’t care how smart she is…there’s no way a guy like Connors is letting a high school student run around his lab like she owns the place. Even if she does look like Emma Stone.

     And for some reason, the crane scene just kills me.  You can’t get the cable guy to show up on time but you’re gonna get 10 or 15 cranes coordinated so Peter Parker can websling down Main Street.  Not so much.

     Now that being said, I do have a pretty major beef with the studio here.  And it’s one I’ve heard quite a bit on various podcasts.  Ask yourself this…What is James Bond’s origin story?  You don’t know do you?  Because there isn’t one.  And if there is one,  you sure don’t get your nose rubbed in it, do you?

     For 23 (or so) films now, we’ve enjoyed Bond’s adventures without having to sit through his origin story.  We know what we need to know.  He’s a bad mutha…hush yo mouth…I’m just talkin bout Bond…So why oh why do we have to keep on with the spider bite and Uncle Ben biting the dust?  Of course, that’s kind of a moot point as we just did it again and won’t have to until the next “reboot.”  Of course I guess now that Christopher Nolan is off the Batman franchise, we’ll be seeing Bruce Wayne kneeling before his parents’ grave yet again.

Amazing Spider-Man Blu-Ray

John Carter

     I’m probably putting my Nerd cred on the line but Gawd I hated this movie.  Well that’s not entirely true.  I liked the very beginning and the very end.  But the filling was just terrible.

     I tried to read Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom books once but didn’t get very far.  I loves me some Robert E. Howard and Burroughs just didn’t grab me.

     After hearing one of the guys on a recent episode of ComicGeekSpeak rave about the film, I streamed it from Amazon.  Man, was it brutal.  I still don’t know what the Hell it was about.  I mean, I like the whole John Carter gets teleported (or whatever it is) to Mars but the villains are weak, the aliens are cool yet boring, and Taylor Kitsch is just miscast.  He’s a fine actor (I guess) but he just can’t pull it off in the end. So all in all, the best thing I can say is at least I didn’t spring for the Blu-Ray.

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