Ummm…More Kickstarter Projects

World War Kaiju graphic novel by Team Kaiju

World War Kaiju graphic novel by Team Kaiju

     Don’t tell my wife, but your man backed three more Kickstarter projects this morning. I was sitting at my desk at work, minding my own business. Then I popped the latest episode of the Comic Geek Speak podcast into my Windows Media Player.  I knew I might be in trouble when I noted the episode title: Kickstarter Campaign Cavalcade!

      Ninety minutes or so later, I was convinced to back all three projects the CGS guys had just showcased. Up until now, I’ve only backed games but after listening to the creators on all three of these comic/graphic novel projects, I was sold.  Now obviously the CGS crew has good taste, so I’ve gotta give them some credit for picking the three.

     So, without further yakking, here’s the three projects. I’m just gonna link to the project pages since the creators can do a better job of describing them than me. Check them out and see what you think.

1. World War Kaiju by Team Kaiju
Giant monsters in World War II and the Cold War? Where do I sign up?

2. The Guns of Shadow Valley Graphic Novel by Dave Wachter, James Andrew Clark & Thomas Mauer. The Wild West with a dash of Steampunk, Sci-Fi, superpowers, mysticism and folklore.

The Guns of Shadow Valley by Dave Wachter & Friends

The Guns of Shadow Valley by Dave Wachter & Friends

3. Max & Thorne: An All Ages Webcomic by Kevin Volo & Max Volo. A boy and his Dragon. Besides Kevin Volo seeming like an incredibly nice guy, the character of Max looks exactly like my own 8 year old son, Max. I sprung for the full color print of Max and Thorne. That’ll be framed and is going up in my Max’s little nerd cave.

Max & Thorne by Kevin Volo and Max Volo

Max & Thorne by Kevin Volo and Max Volo

     One thing I’m learning about Kickstarter,at least for me, is that a big part of getting me to click on the “Back This Project” button is whether or not I like the creator and get that “help a guy out” feeling.  Obviously I have to like the product but it sure helps if the developers are nice guys and that seems to be the case with all three of the creative teams featured on the the CGS spotlight show.

     That’s about it for me tonite. I’m off to put some comic books in alphabetical order.  Until I have some new Kickstarter hotness to report…stay nerdy my friends


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5 thoughts on “Ummm…More Kickstarter Projects

  1. Hi Mike! Thanks for listening and backing World War Kaiju, that’s really cool and MUCH appreciated. I won’t tell your wife if you don’t… And it’s good to know we’re nice enough to give money to. Perhaps someday if this whole “art” thing doesn’t work out, I can use my natural trustworthiness to fall back on a real profession, such as grifting or panhandling! 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Patrick. Hopefully some of my loyal readers will get on board with the book as well. I showed the WWK kickstarter page to my son and his reaction was a very enthusiastic, “COOL!” Good luck with the project and thanks for stopping by…

    • Hey Kevin. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about the flooding…I know how it is. Good luck on the project!

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