The Thrifty Nerd–Dirt Cheap Art For Your Walls

Not bad for $8 a piece.

Not bad for $8 a piece.

     I was cleaning up my office the other day and took down my 2012 Vintage Marvel Comics calendar (published by Asgard Press).  I got it last January for 50% off at Barnes & Noble–You know to never, ever, ever buy your calendar before January 1st don’t you?  Anyway, it’s a really nice, high quality calendar, and I thought it’d be a shame to just chuck it in the trash.

     The cool thing about Asgard’s calendars is that they’re designed to be used as framed wall art once their done functioning in their intended role. Each image is perforated at the top and bottom of the page.  Once a print is removed from the calendar, it’s ready for framing in a standard ready-made 11″ x 14″ picture frame.

     In need of some art to fill in some of the remaining blank space on the Nerd Cave’s walls, I headed to Hobby Lobby to see what they had in the way of frames. I was pleasantly surprised to find all their picture frames on sale for 50% off. I happily paid $6.50 each for a black and a silver frame.


     Once home, I selected two prints from the calendar (The cover of Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula #1 and The Incredible Hulk #105), and a couple of minutes later, I have two pieces of art that look like they just came from the frame shop.  If you count the cost of the calendar and sales tax, these pieces set me back about $8.00 a piece.  Not bad. And if I get tired of looking at Vlad or the Hulk, it’s super quick and easy to swap out one print for another.

     Finally, while we’re talking about saving money, let me clue you in on a tip for shopping at Hobby Lobby in case you aren’t aware of it.  Every week, they put a coupon in their weekly newspaper ads AND online for 40% off one regularly-priced item. I can’t begin to guess how much those coupons have saved us over the years. I’ve gotten in the habit of printing out 3 or 4 every Monday morning and sticking them in my wallet. Since I go right by on my way home from work, I’ll frequently pop in and pick up a model kit or some other higher priced item. 40% ain’t nothing to sneeze at and this cash-strapped nerd applauds Hobby Lobby for the effort.

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