My Nerd Cave–Bursting At The Seams


I should get some Spandex! These clothing bills aren’t exactly tax deductable.

     Seven organisms reside in our home.  Four humans and three felines.  And we all knew this day was coming. The day when my personal Nerd Cave would outgrow its own four walls and leak into the rest of the house.  As Dan Patrick might opine, “you can’t stop it…you can only hope to contain it!”  But while I’m quoting folks, remember what Bill Clinton said…”It depends on what your definition of ‘contain’ is.”

     It’s a problem that probably faces every nerd collector/hoarder type out there sooner or later.  You’ve been given/allowed/granted a specific amount of space for your crap–a basement, an attic, or, as in my case, a spare bedroom.  Four walls in which your various hobbies, loves, and interests must be contained.  There aren’t too many significant others out there who are enthusiastic about a Star Wars-themed kitchen.  But what does one do when you’ve simply run out of room?

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Model Kits on the Cheap @ Hobby Lobby

They made me a deal I couldn't refuse...

They made me a deal I couldn’t refuse…

     My lovely wife needed to run by Hobby Lobby for some craft supplies this morning. My son had a $20 bill burning a hole in his pocket and wanted to check out their selection of plastic toy soldiers to add to his already massive army of polystyrene warriors. The model kit aisle is only two away from the army men aisle but, having already been warned that our discretionary $$$ is kinda light for the week, I decided to avoid that particular part of the store.  I’m not world-renowned for my impulse control. Let’s just say I’m the reason they put a wall of candy in the check-out lane.

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