Bro…Do You Even Digital?







     What it is nerds? I’m back with a conundrum rolled up in some angst then wrapped inside a First World problem. This is a relatively new (for me) issue, so I thought I’d jump on here and do some out-loud thinking and maybe get some feedback from my seven loyal readers.

     Here’s the deal:  New Movie X is coming out on DVD/Blu-Ray on Tuesday.  Should I spring for the Blu-Ray or buy it on Amazon as a digital download that gets added to my Amazon “Video Library?”  As usual, there seem to be some pros and cons…

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DVD/Blu-Ray Storage Solution

From this...

From this… this.

…to this.

     DVD/Blu-Ray (let’s just call them “DVDs” to make it easy on me) storage can be a massive pain in the butt.  The amount of space that those plastic cases (DVDs in particular) consume compared to the thickness of the actual discs is crazy.  I like the look of a wall of DVDs, but who has that kind of storage space? And the dust?..c’mon!

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