Kneel Before Zod

Zod print by Dave Berns

Zod print by Dave Berns

     What’s up folks?  Just a quick one showing off some new art I recently acquired from artist Dave Berns.

     Who doesn’t love them some General Zod?  As a child of the Eighties, Zod ranks high on my all-time greats list of movie villains right up there with Darth Vader, Ming the Merciless, Lo Pan, and The Kurgan.  Apparently there can be more than one.

     I spotted Zod on Dave’s recent (now ended) Kickstarter campaign but he’s also selling them in his Etsy store if you want to snag one for yourself.  Besides his tribute to Zod, Dave has some sweet pieces featuring They Live and Buck Rogers with a bunch of other cool stuff besides.

     While I don’t have a ton of empty space left on the Nerd Cave walls, I do have some spots for smaller pieces of art. As soon as my Nerd Cave $ To Spend jar fills  back up, I’ll be picking up some more of Dave’s stuff.  If you’re looking to pimp out your own nerd cave’s walls, give Hot Damn Arts a look.

     That’s it for me people. Until next time…Stay nerdy my friends

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