I Even Dream In Nerd…

     You know that old saying, “Beauty is only skin deep but ugly is to the bone?”  I think the same thing applies to being a nerd.  The “to the bone” part that is. Even at age 43, I still find myself getting excited about the new Iron Man film, a particular game or comic book that’s coming out, or reading Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time.

     If you’re like me, you’ve seen the eye rolls when certain friends or family glimpse your nerd cave, catch you reading a comic, or when you talk about the new superhero flick.  Am I rocking a Peter Pan complex or something? In the end, I really don’t care.  I love what I’m doing and frankly, the eye rollers are some of the most boring people I know.

     That being said, I do find it interesting that my identity, personality trait, or whatever you want to call it, even manages to permeate my dreams. I’ll explain…

     For years, I had what I call “The College Dream.” Probably had it at least 2 or 3 times a month.  It actually pretty closely parallels the third quarter of my real life Freshman year in college.  When I kinda lost interest & focus in the whole thing.  In “The College Dream,” it’s always time for finals and I’ve skipped so many classes that my teachers barely recognize me.  I haven’t studied and I can barely find my classrooms.  I would always wake up totally panicked in a cold sweat.

     Then, a few years ago, even before our house fire, The College Dream started to show up less frequently and was replaced by the dream I call “Shopping.”  But this isn’t the kind of shopping most wives daydream about. No dresses, handbags, or high heels. This is Nerd Shopping.  And I only wish I could duplicate it in real life.

     Unlike The College Dream, the details of Shopping can change.  Sometimes I am in my hometown, and sometimes I’m travelling.  Last night, I was back in the Army, but for some unknown reason, I was hanging out in London. Pip-pip, cheerio!

     What is standard for my shopping dream though is the venue. I usually stumble upon some mega store catering to a person of my diverse and geeky interests.  Picture a Sam’s Club or Costco, but instead of patio furniture and 80 pound bags of Meow Mix, this store is stocked floor to ceiling with comic books, games, movies, books, model kits, magazines, statues, art…you name it.  There’s aisle after aisle of crazily cool stuff.

     Unlike my college nightmare though, there’s no drama or stress in the shopping dream. Heck, money isn’t even an issue.  I just shop and shop and shop some more. Instead of waking drenched in sweat, I usually wake up smiling as I’m rifling through some old yellowed long box of comics…just as I flip to a near-mint Amazing Fantasy #15 priced at one dollar.

     So what’s it mean?  I Googled some dream interpretation websites and apparently, I desire  more stuff.  Well, duh. I mean, is there such thing as a “minimalist nerd?”  If there is, it ain’t because he’s trying to practice textbook Feng Shui and keep his life uncluttered. It’s because he (or she) is broke.

     Whatever it all means…even if it means I’m only 400 empty pizza boxes away from appearing on Hoarders: Buried Alive, I’ll take browsing a nerd’s paradise over missing my Psych 101 final any day.  Until next time…stay nerdy my friends.

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