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"C" is for "cat." If I fitz, I sitz.

“C” is for “cat.” If I fitz, I sitz.

     Hey there nerds of the world. Busy Summer here in my neck of the woods. I’ve been spending a lot more time than I’d like working on my lawn…And I use the word “lawn” loosely. I knew I had to do something when “mowing the lawn” became “mowing the dirt.”  I look like PigPen from Peanuts out there, engulfed by a huge, swirling cloud of dust. Kinda embarrassing when the neighbors drive by. But besides that, I’ve been diligently working on getting a big ol’ monkey off my back.

     Last month, I talked about getting my totally discombobulated comic book collection whipped into shape.  I finally started that process about a week ago and the Nerd Cave is covered up in comics.  Watch your step!

      If you’ve read much of my blog, you know I struggle with “Analysis Paralysis,” and this project is no different.  The little voice in my head kept going back and forth as to the best way to order my books.

     My previous collection, now officially known by the Overstreet pedigree as “The Up In Smoke Collection,” was ordered  A-Z by title.  I was considering dividing my new collection up by Marvel, DC, and “Other.” And maybe even subdivided further into Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Modern Age.

     After schlepping 7 or 8 boxes from the closet/dump to the Nerd Cave, I was talking about my options with my wife. Usually, when I get into topics like this, her eyes glaze over pretty quickly.  I was really just thinking out loud but she jumped right in and offered the opinion that I should just keep them A-Z by title. Without missing a beat, as if she’s put thought into the topic, she adds, “That way, you’ll know exactly where everything is and you won’t have an excess of half-filled boxes taking up your (very limited) storage space.”

     Made alot of sense to me. I liked the cut of her jib with that decisive, take charge point of view.  If only things were that easy with the question, “Where do ya wanna eat?” That being said, I did feel a little bit like the Futurama Fry meme. Not sure if she’s really interested in my collection or just wants the mess gone…

     So far, I’ve sorted about 15 short boxes and I’m having fun…sorta. Scooting around on the floor isn’t doing any wonders for my back or bum knee, but it has been neat looking at some of the cool covers from my early days in the hobby.

     Maybe I’m just nostalgic, and this is gonna sound like the old, crotchety fan-boy, but they sure don’t make them like they used to.  To me 95% of modern comic covers are utterly forgettable. Basically just pretty pin-ups. Where’s the text? Where’s the references to the actual story contained inside? Call me old-fashioned if you will, but as I sort through my heavily-tilted to the Bronze Age stacks of books, I just keep falling in love all over again with those 70s covers.  And HOLY CRAP!!! Jack Kirby?  Don’t even get me started. How is he not on a postage stamp?

     After having these books sit for over a year in the closet, I’m actually kinda surprised at some of the stuff I acquired during the Great Comic Binge of 2012.   I know that around Thanksgiving of 2011, I logged into eBay and started searching “Bronze Age Comic Lot.”  The rest of it is one big blur. And while part of me asks, “what where you thinking?,” another big part of me really takes comfort in seeing the sea of short boxes filled with comics. They’ve been a part of my life and my identity for so long, it’s pretty comforting to have some of them back.  Now, as I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can’t wait to start reading.

     As always,  thanks for taking the time to stop by.  I’ll be back shortly with more nerdy goodness (damn you Kickstarter!)  Until next time…Stay nerdy my friends.

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