Hanging Around The Nerd Cave



     When I was 3 or 4, my dad hung a model of a P-40 Warhawk fighter plane in my room.  It was one of the Flying Tigers’ planes from World War II with the bad-ass shark mouth painted on the nose.  It’s one of my earliest memories and probably what got me hooked (get it?) on hanging stuff from the ceiling.  Ever since, I’ve always liked to take my decorating into the 3rd dimension, so to speak.

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Recommended Reading: Aviation History Magazine

Aviation History      Magazine

Aviation History Magazine

     I’ve mentioned before that I love me some magazines. I’m always happy to get home from another mind-numbing day in my windowless office to find the mailbox stuffed with new reading material.  Walked in yesterday to find the July 2013 issue of Aviation History Magazine (not pictured above) waiting on the counter for me.

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Turn It Up And Rip The Knob Off! Podcasts for Nerds


     I work inside a 100+ year old building.  I don’t know what’s in the bricks they used back then, but whatever it was, it isn’t conducive to great radio reception.  Luckily, I’ve got an office in the dungeon that I share with no one so I can pretty much listen to podcasts on my computer all day long. If you could sit and talk about your hobbies and interests for hours on end, then the next best thing while you’re shackled to your desk or stuck in traffic is firing up a podcast.

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The $12 Magazine–Say What?


No, that's not a misprint...

No, that’s not a misprint…

     I love magazines. ESPECIALLY magazines related to my various hobbies. Back in late 1990, I was freshly out of the U.S. Army and living in my parents’ basement. Oh yeah, I got that box checked on my Nerd Bucket List decades ago.

     One day, my father earnestly informed me that he needed to have a talk with me.  The seriousness of the look on his face had me convinced he was either going to tell me had cancer or was getting gender reassignment surgery.  I sat on the couch and he informed me that after careful observation of my lifestyle, he’d concluded (cue the dramatic music) that I was  “receiving too many periodicals.

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Raiders of the Lost Stool

     No, this isn’t a tale of missing samples from an absent-minded Gastro-Intestinal M.D’s office. This is the saga of a nerd in search of a soft place to plant his posterior.

     I mentioned awhile back my decision to turn our exterior storage room into a hobby workshop.  Well, a few weeks later and I’ve made some good progress on it (though still not photo-ready yet).

     I’ve managed to get most of the junk out of the room and I’ve got some nice Stack-On brand organizers waiting for me to fill them with bits of this and that. I picked up a nice bulletin board from Wal-Mart for hanging inspiration photos, instruction sheets, and other hobby-related stuff.

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What’s With All the Questions?

“So…what got you…uh…back on eBay?”

     I got asked that question the other day at lunch.  The inquiry came from my lovely wife. We’ve had an eBay account together since about 2001.  Now that we both have iPhones, she can, shall we say, “check up” on me anytime/anywhere.

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Of Motorcycles and Model Airplanes

     I gotta say that as a sort of part-time blogger, I’m starting to really admire those guys (and gals) who manage to update their blogs daily, and even weekly. Between work, kids and fighting Weed War II in my lawn, I rarely have time to sit down and catch my breath.

    However, as part of my Father’s Day goal to apply butt to couch as much as possible, I find myself with a bit of free time.  I thought I might post something to get my creative juices flowing.

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Musings From The Nerd Cave

     Hello nerds of the world. Been busy with work and landscaping here at the house so haven’t had much of a chance to post.  I’m hoping once I get this place up to my standards, I’ll have more time to devote to my hobbies and blogging.  I decided to forgo the weed pulling tonight and am ensconced here in the cave with yet another Bigfoot documentary (don’t even ask) on the T.V.

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