Bad eBay Seller…NO COOKIE!*

     Wow. Just wow.  Somewhere back in the last year’s posts, I think I promised a rant or two.  Well here it is…

(Editorial note:  Let me just say before I get rolling here, you’re gonna notice places where you’re gonna say, “Why didn’t he use profanity here?  That seems like a perfect place to use some good old American profanity.”  Believe me, I want to.  But I found out recently that my 9 year old pulls my blog up in computer lab to show her friends, so I gotta keep it more or less G rated.  But believe me…I would if I could.)

     Sellers of eBay. May I have your attention please?  Are you trying to kill me?  Because that’s what your doing.  Your absolutely KILLING me, Smalls.  Allow me to vent…in no particular order.

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Hellboy & Ivan–Another Etsy Score

Hellboy and Ivan by Jesse Kennedy

Hellboy and Ivan by Jesse Kennedy

     Here’s another recent purchase off Etsy for the Nerd Cave walls.  It’s a one-of-a-kind mixed-media sculpture by the talented Jesse Kennedy from Washington.  Depicting one of my favorite scenes from the original Hellboy movie, the sculpture really captures the look and bad attitudes of both characters. I was looking for something to fit on a small area of bare wall next to my shelving units and this cool, little piece of art fills the bill perfectly.

     Jesse has a nice selection of other pieces inspired by different realms of pop culture.  His renditions of Joker are particularly cool as are his Lord of the Rings characters. Not sure if he’s already done them, but I suspect his versions of the Balrog, Sauron, and the Ringwraiths would be pretty sweet.  I highly recommend Jesse and his Sculptorio store on Etsy if you’re looking for a cool, one-of-a-kind touch for your nerd cave art collection.