I can do what with the guest bedroom?

           So, one day I was sitting on the bed watching TV and my beautiful wife walks in, glances at the overflowing bookshelf on her side of the bedroom and gets a thoughtful/perplexed look on her face.  What’s important to know is that the bookcase in question was definitely NOT supposed to be overflowing with books.

           When we moved into our new home after our fire, I’d agreed to finally give my wife the “big girl bedroom” that she’d wanted for years.  For the last ten, our master bedroom had been a hot mess of wall-to-wall Late 20th Century Nerd style.   I can admit now that it wasn’t pretty.  Remember Mel Gibson’s apartment from Conspiracy Theory?  Well, it was kinda like that on a hardcore nerd tip but without Mel’s roaches.  And God love her, she never complained once.

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The Blank Slate: Rebuilding My Empire

            The “blank slate”—sometimes it’s a good thing, and other times…well, not so much.   Before I get down to the business of blogging about exactly what came from the Nerd Cave, I should explain something.

           Not long ago, I was what you might call a “hoarder.”  I have many nerdcentric interests and once I acquired something, I wasn’t likely to get rid of it.  And when I use the past tense above, I should clarify.  I didn’t get therapy or have an intervention by family & friends or some “reality” show.  Although like an intervention, my “cure” wasn’t voluntary.  And it certainly wasn’t painless.

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